Toddlers                18mos/36mos

Hello my name is Ms. Temperance Neal

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Clayton State University and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Walden University. I enjoy teaching students new ways to learn and believe in pushing my students to reach their full potential. I refuse to let them settle for mediocre when they all have the potential to be the best in their academics.

Ms. Neal

​Lead Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Shena

​Assistant Infants Teacher

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Hello ​my name is Ms. Beals.  

I graduated from Walter F. George High School and went on to attend Atlanta Metropolitan College. In 2004, I continued my education at Connecticut school of Broadcasting where I received a degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting.

​Through care for my relatives children, I developed a passion for working with children. In 1992 I began working as a lead teacher and  earned my CDA in 2010. Presently, I am the Site Director/ Pre-school Teacher. I believe that life situations should not impact learning.

​Hello my name is Ms. Tierra. I was born and raised in Atlanta Ga. I started working in childcare at the age of 15. 

​I attended Langston Hughes High School and graduated in 2011.  I developed a  passion for working with children and believe that if you can reach one then you can teach one! My future goals are: to continue my education by pursuing my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and work for Atlanta public schools.

​​Hello, my name is Ms. Shonna

  I'm the nutritionist for Ms. Niecy's Home Away From home learning center. I graduated from Morrow High School in 1999 and am the owner of a taste of Honey catering service . Cooking is my passion and I enjoy being able to show my talents and creativity in different foods. I get enjoyment knowing that children love my cooking,while also learning the importance of healthy eating.

​Ms. Denise

​Lead Toddler Teacher

Hello my name is Denise. 

I moved to Atlanta in 1999, where was I was given a great opportunity to become a teacher.

​I attended Clayton Community college where I received my CDA and later went on to receive my Associates Degree at Atlanta Tech.

​I Will give your child love, security and his/her independence. I love working with children. Thanks for letting me be a part of your child's life and education.

Hello my name is Ms. Hugley.

 I attended Atlanta Metropolitan College where I earned my Degree in Early Childhood Education .

​I've been teaching for twenty-six years. Out of those twenty six years, twenty four year swere spent in the Ga Pre-K program as a lead teacher.

​I believe that as a teacher it is important to remember that we are mind developers. We must allow and encourage the children to think, speak and use their hands to grow.

Ms. Niecy's Home Away From Home Learning Center Inc.

Infants                    6wks/18mos

  Nutritionist (Cook)

Ms. Wyketta                 Lead Infant Teacher

 Hello my name is Ms. Wyketta.

I've been working in childcare for 17 yrs.  I currently have a CDA and am now pursuing my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education from Brenau University.

​I love working with children because their minds are like a sponge and always seeking to learn. 

Hello my name is Ms. Shena.

I've been working at Ms. Niecy's Home Away From Home since 2010. I love the staff and we offer a great loving family environment for our students and their families. 

I get an enjoyment out of teaching and watching young children grow to their potential as they reach a new level in their academics.

Hello my name is Shirley Banks Hopson.

I graduated from Fulton High School and received my CDA in 2010. I am currently attending Atlanta Technical College, where I`m pursuing my associates in Early Childhood Education.

Ms. Hopson

​Assistant Pre-K Teacher

​GA Pre-K               4yrs-5yrs

Ms. Tierra

​Assistant Toddler Teacher

Ms. Shonna


Ms. Hugley​

​Pre-School Teacher

Pre-School             3yrs-4yrs

​Ms. Beals

​Site Director/Pre-School Teacher