Ms. Niecy’s Learning Center

Ms. Niecy’s Learning Center cares about the safety of our community. Based on the most updated information available, we are committed to meet and exceed the guidance for childcare centers provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Please find below the ways we are prioritizing the well-being of your children, family, and our staff. From personal protective equipment (facemasks/shields), to social distancing procedures, to professional deep cleans, we will continue managing this situation to the best of our ability and navigate safely in these unprecedented times.


Sanitation and Cleanliness Procedures

    • Staff will wear protective masks and/or face shields each day.
    • Stringent cleaning and sanitizing measures will be executed each day.
    • Social distancing protocols (6 ft apart) will be monitored.
    • Certified EPA approved antimicrobial disinfectant approved by STEM-Reps every 90 days.
    • Deep Cleaning of Surfaces and high traffic areas every two weeks.
    • Regular wellness checks conducted.
    • Modified mealtime and playground procedures to promote safety including more handwashing and hand-sanitizer usage on a frequent basis.

Parent/Guardian pick up and drop off

    • Parents can enter our facility after temperature checks and must wear a face mask.
    • Parents are encouraged to limit the number of adults who may drop off and pick up their children.


    • All visitors must agree to mandatory temperature checks.
    • All visitors are required to wear face masks on the premises.
    • Social distancing guidelines of maintaining six feet apart will be followed.